Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Endless Techno Lag...

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"Son, what's this??" "Oh that? That's an email!"...No, I bet that wasn't one of the conversations Bill Gates would have ever had with his grandmother [emails never existed that time =P].
But it does relate to the fact that the communication gap between the old and the young has been increasing and is continuing to happen so. The main reason upfront is the rapidly increasing technology. It is clearly seen that the young minds are much easier to play with than the order ones. The same goes with technology. The young very easily adapt to new changes while the old 'just don't get it!!
It's not about the understanding, but about the will and want to change. The old people just don't want to change and the excuse to that is, looking at the negative aspects of technology and criticizing it. But the truth is, accept it or not, technology is just like water - 'a basic necessity'. Want to lag behind? Go ahead and hate technology. 
Gone are the days when scriptures would be the 'spare time book', when schools had their only aim of instilling 'holy stuff' in the minds of 'our future'. But grand-people just can't accept this culture. Even singing pop songs is like breaking the 'tablets of commandments'. These days having a cell phone is fine but in some of the rural and "uncivilized places" ( as some of us would call them today ), a girl with a cellphone is considered outlawed! *INSANE* *AGAINST HUMAN RIGHTS!* etc. etc...

*sigh!* The old are going to remain old and the young.....well, they are going to get old some day too!!